The Bakke Gallery

Artistic Endeavors by Washington State artist Karen Bakke

This great feeling!

When I was walking back from the car this morning with my plein air backpack over my shoulder, I couldn't help but grin. I am fortunate now to enjoy my lifelong dream. The career I always wanted. I am over the moon, deliriously, joyfully, incredibly happy! Yesterday was a full day painting en plein air with a group of fellow artists; something very new and exciting for me as a fully-immersed fine artist. Then, last night, I attended an artist reception at a gallery where my very first gallery piece is hanging! And this, my first fine art website, my first entry in my first blog, I feel like a child with new eyes, looking towards an incredible journey ahead of me!

When they say, "find a career that you love"... I thought it meant, " a lot", which I have been happy to have had. But, I LOVE being an artist! To clarify, I have always been an artist in one capacity or another. I have drawn ever since I could pick up a pencil, I always say. I have drawn as a hobby and took art in school. I even occasionally skipped my other classes in school to go be my art class. Beyond school, I always had to earn a living, from truck driver to sandwich maker. I have an extremely wide-ranging work history involving an artistic eye, be it product design, graphic design, rotoscope, package design, illustration, and a smattering of commissioned pieces. Those were mostly done in colored pencil, because that's all I really knew. But nothing in oil, that is truly new and fascinating to me! And now oils are my medium of choice in fine art, so, therein lies, another FIRST!

Ahh, the learning curve! I amaze myself at how fast I'm going at this, with all my heart, like a freight train going 100 miles an hour! And my heart is BIG! Full of exuberance, can you tell?!! If you are reading this, then ride with me, because I promise you a journey of love, joy, but also that of trials and tribulations. No holds barred. Now, on to my next painting!